Quotes As spring time slowly leaves us here in Canada, the weather has been cooperating enough for me to go outside and do yard work. I hate the spring cleanup, fertilizing, weeding, replanting, etc., and am only able to get through it by listening to your 2 hour show on my cell phone. The great mix of music seems to give me energy, and before you know it, I have completed 2 hours of tedious work. So many thanks Bob, for the great shows you put together. Quotes
NEIL DALHOUSE Toronto Canada

Quotes Good Day to you, Bob. Let me first begin by sincerely thanking you for playing Toronto?s Jay Douglas on your shows. While listening to hear Jay being played, I have certainly begun to love and appreciate the huge variety of music you play, many of which bring back great memories of my youth.. So, thank you, thank you, and thank you once again, Sir. I have also recently convinced a neighbour of mine, (down here in the Niagara on the Lake region of Ontario,) to listen to your shows as well. We love them due to the huge variety of music you play for the young, the old, etc, etc Thanks again. Looking forward to next week?s show. Kindest Regards, Neil Dalhouse Quotes
NEIL DALHOUSE Ontario, Canada

Quotes Hello Bob, I have listened on line to your station. You play a fantastic bunch of music. I also heard you play Jay Douglas, Toronto?s top Reggae singer?s Reggae version of Leonard Cohen?s ?Hallelujah.? I sincerely thank you for doing this. Neil. Quotes
NEIL DALHOUSE Ontario, Canada

Quotes Hello Bob Just want to thank you for playing my song "Burning Memories." Open-mouth smile Your support is greatly appreciated! Kind Regards Sandie Dodd Quotes

Quotes Hi Bob Thank you so much for spinning the "Breakin Up Song" I really appreciate your support. I hope that you have a Fabulous Day! Hugs...Sherry Lynn Quotes

Quotes Thank you very much. I would appericiate all the airplay & support! My compliments on your website!! I wish you all the best with your show . And thanks again. Country greeting from the Netherlands. Conny lee. Quotes
CONNY LEE Netherlands

Quotes Hi Bob, great show, and sure liked the last song, Mr Joe. Have a blessed week. Bill in Brazil Quotes

Quotes Hi Bob, just wanted to thank you for supporting and playing my music. Appreciate all you do. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know. Cheers Darin Warner Quotes

Quotes Hello thanks for playing a song from my new cd Wendy Lynn Quotes

Quotes Thanks again Bob for all your support and the radio airplay. We are all very grateful! Cheers, Ross Quotes
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